Piccola Nota – Franco Cosimo Panini

“Piccola Nota”, published by Franco Cosimo Panini Ragazzi, is a special book that accompanies parents and their child during the moment of birth.
It is a delicate story that narrates the auditory world of the newborn: what the baby experiences and hears in the mother’s womb is a concert of reassuring sounds that it will rediscover upon birth. The book encourages reading aloud, demonstrating the importance of sound and the presence of parents in comforting, soothing, and reassuring prematurely born babies who spend their initial moments of life in an incubator.
At the end of the story, practical suggestions for parents on how to use their voice for the benefit of the child are included.
A QR code allows the download of a musical piece, providing an additional auditory experience.
While working on this project, I had the opportunity to visit the neonatal intensive care unit atSant’Anna Hospital in Turin, where the author of the book, Francesca Borgarello, works.