Eco-anxiety – Brain magazine

“Eco-anxiety n. A profound sense of discomfort and fear experienced at the recurring thought of potential disasters related to global warming and its environmental effects.”

The Fondazione BRF is a non-profit organization that develops and finances research projects dedicated to the brain and mental illnesses, committing to increase levels of psychiatric and psychological knowledge.
I created this illustration for their #parliamone campaign, and it became the cover of the October issue of their magazine Brain, entirely dedicated to eco-anxiety.
I attempted to convey the unpleasant sensation of feeling trapped in the negative news that I read every day on my phone, one after another, with that gripping feeling in the stomach that prevents me from sleeping.
Inside the magazine, which you can read for free online, there is also an interview with me, for which I am very grateful to the editorial team of “Brain.”

Su Worth Wearing you can purchase a T-shirt with my illustration, and all proceeds will support the Foundation’s projects.